Ahyoung Ryu

AhYoung Ryu (b.1982) is a South Korean artist and well known for fairy-tale atmosphere in her artworks. Her depiction of little fairy friends reveals a deep awareness of those memories where the things that once were important to us have been forgotten as we grow up. In a secular sense, adults are living without their pure original imagination or dreams. Ryu wants to metaphorically express various episodes in the work so that these adults, through the most ideal space, the forest, nature, and the innocent child, could explore the pure inner reflection of humans. In a picture like a scene in a fairy tale that we saw as a child, we encounter a child who was pure in the past that we had forgotten.

In the process of growing up, we learned so much and at the same time we forgot so much. “What is the most precious thing in life and what are we forgetting? Looking back on the forgotten and lost things in us and the depths of the unseen abyss. It is time to explore.”