Amy Beager

Amy Beager (b. 1988, UK) lives and works from her studio in Chelmsford, UK. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nottingham Trent University in 2010. Beager was selected as a winner for the Delphian Gallery open call 2020. She has since exhibited at a number of London Galleries including the Saatchi Gallery, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Huxley Parlour Gallery, Unit London and Wilder Gallery among others. She has also exhibited at Kutlesa Gallery in Switzerland and has upcoming exhibitions in Stuttgart, Germany and in Beijing, China. Beager’s work has been acquired by Soho House, Del Arco Collection and placed in multiple private collections globally.

Amy’s painterly language has re-imagined figurative painting with her bold colour juxtapositions; figures rendered in a simultaneously classical yet modern style; and compositions which are exquisitely romantic and poetic. Parallel to the joyous vivid colour palette and swathes of rich paint and brushwork, often the figures appear restless, fervent, and in a complex tension of ecstasy and anguish. Reminiscent of the dramatic poses of the divine saints from the Renaissance period, these figures hover between the classical and the contemporary. Amy’s paintings both celebrate and explore the emotional intensity and intimacy of love. Predominantly featuring the female figure, Beager casts these female protagonists as modern-day deities, transcending their stature and presence; suspended, dream-like, between the imagined and reality.