Kitashima Takuya

Born in Japan in 1983, Kitashima Takuya is an artist and illustrator who studied mathematics at Tokyo University of Science. “Story” and “narrative” are the consistent theme of Takuya’s art creation. Takuya mainly composed music in his early years, and only started to create paintings when he was over 30 years old. Although he is a mathematics major, Takuya’s artistic creation is not rational or rigorous, but a fusion of abstract and figurative style, order and chaos, which together present an uncertain visual beauty. His exaggerated and cute visual language is full of “ultra-contemporary art” feeling – the big eyes of that occupy the whole face of the characters, and their indifferent expressions, ice cream-like colors and soft brushstrokes create a narrative picture, as if they come from fairy tales and fables.

In 2022, Takuya presented three solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan. His unique painting style has attracted the attention of many collectors, and his popularity has risen accordingly. Besides, Takuya was invited to group exhibitions of USPACE Gallery in Taiwan, China and FIR GALLERY in Beijing, China.
Takuya has also illustrated for many books and newspapers, including “中国・アメリカ 謎SF ” (edited and translated by Motoyuki Shibata and Keita Kojima), the binding of “郝景芳短篇集” by Hao Jingfang, and Illustration of “日本語に住みついて” by YUJU WEN (“Shinano Daily News”). He also participates in the creation of music and literature through various forms of expression. Besides, Takuya has published two picture books, “貝殻の底は積み木の影” (ondo) and “重力を笑わせる” (SUNNY BOY BOOKS), and he also creates sculptures, live paintings and artworks in the unit “Jalapeño” with Motoyuki Shibata and others. His work has been featured in the “SHOWCASE” section of “ILLUSTRATION 2022” and “Character File 2020-21”.

Takuya’s recent solo exhibitions include: 「日本語に住みついて」, Sunny Boy Books shop, Tokyo, 2022;「Waves Dancing on the Skin」, Esther Okada Art Gallery, Tokyo, 2022;「楕円、あるいは気配」, ondo Gallery, Tokyo, 2022. His group exhibition experience include: 「Fable & Airwave」, FIR GALLERY RooF Space, Beijing, 2022; 「On the table −幸せな食卓−」, ondo Gallery, Tokyo, 2021;「Connect虚实之间」, Uspace Gallery, Taipei, 2021;「重力を笑わせる」, SUNNY BOY BOOKS, Tokyo, 2021;「空の灰みが月の子掲げ」, ondo STAY&EXHIBITION, Tokyo, 2020;「貝殻の底は積み木の影」, ondo STAY&EXHIBITION, Tokyo, 2019; 「アートのある読書」, Tsutaya Bookstore, Tokyo, 2019.