Lin YenLiang

Lin Yenliang, born in Taiwan, China, studied in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Tunghai University and specialized in graphic illustration design in graduate school. Graduating from the Yuntech Grad School & Dept. of Creative Design, he subsequently became the youngest contract teacher at the university to instruct students on specific topics. He is now a freelance artist, toy collector, brand designer, and university lecturer.

The artist built his independent illustration design brand “BaNAna Lin”in 2006 and released a new series of artworks under his real name “Lin Yenliang” in 2017. He is described by the media as an atypical artist due to his rich experience in crossover and co-branding.

The current focus of Lin Yenliang is on art creation. After being invited to hold an exhibition in the UK in 2021, this year he is planning a new solo exhibition and art fairs at home and abroad. His works feature impressive hand-drawn lines, which are healing, humorous and warm, in art forms of paintings and three-dimensional sculptures. He has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan), Ministry of Transportation and Communications (Taiwan), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Tainan Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Royal Valley Private Art Museum, the Fangcaodi Gallery (Beijing), Taiwan Institute of Design, Loft (Japan), Warner Music Group, Chun Shui Tang, 2NDFRAME (Suzhou and Hong Kong) and Alliance française among others.