Liu Lin

Liu Lin (b. 1988), a young Chinese contemporary artist, was born in Suining, Sichuan and now lives and works in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Liu highlights two dimensions in his art practices, the form composition of graphic patterns and the abstract representation of social issues. He is skilled in weaving uncanny yet balancing conflicts into those pieces. Stormed by pop culture and pop art thriving in late-20th century America, Liu places fragmented stories in comic-style single frames. He then surprises with magnificent artworks that shine with a sense of grace like those fresco paintings. However, he employees his homemade mixed materials, thus setting these pieces apart from the two-dimensional and flatly-structured comics. From visible composition to underlying themes, his surreal 3D imaginations are everywhere.

As Liu’s art practices, he injects simplicity and humor into the majority of his visual language. He condenses and reconstructs items like texts, body parts and daily scenes into abstract and unorganized ones. In this way, the audience can be pulled out of those serious real-world narratives as he transcends the dimension of language and deconstructs relevant social issues. Liu’s artworks get a lot of favors among collectors and they have exhibited in different cities and countries, such as Art Stage Singapore, Cross-Strait Exchange Exhibition of Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center and so forth.