Mogu Takahashi

Mogu Takahashi (b.1984, Tokyo, Japan) is an artist & illustrator based in Tokyo. Mogu majored in architectural design and had no foundation in painting, but she couldn’t help but invest a lot of time in painting and skipped classes to paint. Selling hand-drawn postcards in a park in 2005, she was accidentally invited to New York for a group exhibition, and entered the art world and the public eye.

Since 2013, Mogu has started her daily doodle project, Mogu Daily Doodles, this seemingly elaborate creative has won her global recognition, and she has been invited to nearly twenty solo exhibitions by galleries around the world, including in Japan, France, Spain, Australia and Sweden. She is also involved in multiple brand art projects such as Gucci online artwork, Shiseido co-branded packaging, Swedish children’s clothing brand Gorman Playground and Korean fashion brand SOCKSAPPEAL co-branded clothing, and children’s books with Swedish author Emma Virke. The Swedish lifestyle brand Fine Little Day has been working with Mogu for almost ten years.