Ryusuke Sano

Ryusuke Sano (b.1994, Sapporo, Japan) is a Japanese artist who graduated from Bunka Fashion College Tokyo. After graduating from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Ryusuke Sano had visited New York City and began to pursue a career as a painter. He lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Influenced by animation, pop art and cross-cultural experiences, Ryusuke interprets daily information and individual memories through an introspective thinking process, transforming his past and present experiences and emotional perceptions into a kind of energy that bursts onto the canvas. Ryusuke also coined the concept “ZOOM”, which refers to creating works of mixed materials on canvas with visual impact and artistic tension. “ZOOM ” is not only a representation of the artist’s personal experience, but also an act of interpreting the work from multiple perspectives: either abstract or figurative, the viewers gain different perceptions of his works by adjusting the distance between them.