A Place in the Sun

December 24th, 2022– February 5th, 2023

FIR GALLERY is pleased to announce the launch of the group exhibition A Place in the Sun on 24 December 2022, which will run until 5 February 2023 and feature 12 artists from home and abroad. Through their unique painting language, the artists’ images or images as objects relate to their indicative meanings. When the viewer becomes aware of the objective reality of the thing being viewed, the work switches freely between itself and the indicator, expanding the thinking and judgement of animate and inanimate objects in a broad sense.


The metaphysical position of physicalism has been generally acquiesced to on the question of what the nature of consciousness is. Still, when panpsychism emerged, it opened up another perspective on human perception of the world. William Seager says that panpsychism means that the “mind pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of the world”. Philip Goff defines it as “all ultimate physical beings exemplify phenomenal properties Philip Goff defines it as “all ultimate physical beings exemplify phenomenal properties”; and Chalmers calls “experience a fundamental feature of the world”. When the image is displayed, it is portrayed not only as an image but also as the process by which it is performed so that the artist’s creative process is recorded. In a sense, what Freud described, that is, the animist projecting his consciousness onto the world is increasingly being realised in the algorithmic world of digital tracking, where the difference between consciousness and the world gradually dissolves as one finds constant encounters with one’s preferences and projections.


Through the works in this exhibition, we will feel the passionate, positive, strong and exuberant vitality, but also the quietness and delicacy hidden behind it, i.e. the abstract, imperceptible perceptions belonging to the artist in the creative process, transformed into intuitive, accessible and visible images. When the consciousness of the viewer and the viewed is transformed, exploring from multiple perspectives the dichotomy between man and nature, body and soul, life and non- The dissolution of the dichotomy between human and nature, body and soul, life and non-life.

Installation Views