August 27th – October 9th, 2022

Fir Gallery is pleased to announce that our group exhibition “Anamorphosis” will open on August 27th, 2022. The exhibition will feature a total of 32 works produced by 13 artists, whose personal perspectives have reshaped and transformed the objects they see in reality. When art has been liberated from the obligation of reflecting the reality, artists turn to embrace the incomplete and contorted images, reclaiming their agentic freedom through a purposeful deviation from the realness.


Anamorphosis implies the illegibility induced by image distortion, but it also entails the “sub-image” and “al-timage resulted from morphing. However, none of them is a product of accidental mistakes; rather, they are intentional re-interpretation of the reality. Anamorphic art has long existed alongside orthodox images as their by-products. During the Renaissance, a period of time when development of technology and anthropocentric thinking were at their prime, intentional “alt-image” became a tool with which painters could showcase their advanced perspectival depiction, which testified to their outstanding intellectual achievements as well — only with a transcendental mind could one modify the reality he saw. Now, in an era of the current wave of information explosion, anamorphic images still carry their original truth. Lacanian theories proposed the idea that the ego, as an ideal-I for the subject, is an “other” rather than a self. The formation process of self-awareness has already internalized expectation, reflection and alienation of the others, so much so that it becomes impossible for us to escape from the innate fetters of a feigned reality which came with us the moment since our identities were born. As such, anamorphosis and deformation offer a re-configuration for our self-awareness, allowing the subject to retreat into a promised land brimming with imagination only.


When art has forgone its function to reference the reality, it also unbinds the viewing action from a dichotomic relationship between the watching subject and viewed object. At the same time, anamorphosis urges the viewers to turn away from their most comfortable position of viewing and reconsier the validity of their unidirectional way of receiving information. As a result, one shall realize that the most ideal visual information is always acquired through several rounds of calibration and comparison under multiple contexts.


The participating artists include Conor Murgatroyd, Huang Baoying, Li Jiliang, Liu Lu, Liu Shiqi, Mark Posey, Mark Stebbins, Soh Souen, Tan Qin, TUTU, Vinna Begin, Wang Yi, Wang Yifan.

Installation Views