May 2nd - June 23th, 2022

Fir Gallery is pleased to announce Zinan Lam’s latest solo exhibition “MIRAGESCAPE” opening on May 27, 2022. Featuring Lin’s most recent series of works this year, it will be his third solo after “Looking” (2014) and “Floating Vermilion” (2021). With this exhibition, the artist articulates his thoughts and feedback on the current environment through painting, and under the influence of oriental philosophy, he explores a personal visual language at this stage.


The exhibition is based on the dual concepts of “mirage mountain” and “floating landscape”, unfolding a cinematic landscape full of oriental inheritance. The term “mountain mirage” is quoted from the Classic of Mountains and Seas: North Mountains, in which it writes “The mirage mountain has no grass or trees, and it snows in winter and summer. The mirage water originates from here and flows westward into the Floating Water, which nourishes beautiful jades.” The artist treats “mirage mountain” as an objective symbol to refer to the unshakeable historical features of the times, and the viewer, the traveler in the mountain, can feel the gradual changes therein. Although the mountain road is winding and rugged, one will see the floating landscape in the sky the moment looking up. Although the gusts are icy to the bone, the gurgling sound of the stream will lead one’s way to the beautiful jades. In this “journey” of history, the individual comprehends and explores the “MIRAGESCAPE” introduced by Zinan Lam in the way of art.


In terms of the exhibition design, there are three spaces comprehensively presenting the artist’s understanding of the interrelationship between “physical image” and “mental image”. Through the “Secret Realm of Mountains and Stones”, the work image rises like a surreal floating fantasy, extending in the exhibition space and dissolving into elegant rhythms, which is heart-touching. The artist hopes to provide a pure land or a spiritual utopia for each contemporary viewer with his “seemingly real and illusionary” world created in his works, where the viewer may find spiritual sustenance despite living in the mundane world.

Installation Views